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Academic Rigor in Respecting & Supporting Students

British School 


Safety First

Full reopening plans for this year, include a physically-distanced in-person learning model

Why BICS Secondary


Our approach


Brussels International Catholic School is an independent school in the heart of Brussels situated behind the European Institutions.

Benefiting from newly renovated buildings, it seeks to combine academic excellence with a calm family environment.


You may find out more about our admissions procedure, fees and tuition.

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For the parents

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Music and Drama


Music is a big part of life at BICS, whether it be singing in the various choirs, playing in the orchestra, or individual lessons; every year there is a high quality drama production. This year we are producing My Fair Lady.

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Travel Studies


As part of his teaching philosophy, Mr. Walley feels that History is best appreciated through a hands-on approach, and thus each year he organizes a study tour with students to either Greece or Italy in order to share his passion. Students have the opportunity to learn first hand the methodologies and tools for studying and interpreting the past, and the connection with modernity as we explore remains which are, literally and figuratively, the foundations for our own culture and society.

2017. In front of the Flavian Amphitheat
Graduation Caps

Sixth Year

The last two years of your school life are the most important stage of your school career, from the subjects you choose for A Level to gaining a place at your preferred choice of university, to the first steps towards the way of life you feel called to. At BICS you will have the opportunity of studying in small classes to help maximize your potential with a high ratio of teachers to pupils; the level of support you will receive is exceptional.

The International A Level Curriculum is a world renowned guarantee of excellence, recognised not only in all European countries, but internationally.

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