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Bics School Life

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Te Deum

The Catholic Ethos

It is not an easy time to be a parent. The responsibility for educating a child and preparing him or her for the adult world has always been a daunting one, but today it seems to be more difficult than ever. In a world where success is seen to be everything, the spiritual and moral development of the whole person is often untended and ignored; faith has given way to moral relativism and rights are spoken of more than duty. For Catholic parents, BICS character provides the reassurance of a complete education, mind, body and spirit shaped by the love of Christ.

BICS is a Catholic school under the guidance of the Institute of Christ the King. We believe that the gift of faith and a relationship with God is offered to each one of us every day, and we desire to create an environment in which it is possible to respond to that.

School Hours

The school opens its door at 7.45

All children should be in school by 8h25.

The school day ends at 15h40

The school day ends at 12h45 on Wednesdays.

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  • Grey flannel trousers

  • Light blue shirt

  • School tie

  • V necked navy blue pullover

  • Black laced up shoes

  • Dark socks

  • Navy blue blazer

  • School coat

  • School bag

  • Sport wear uniform


A uniform is compulsory at the BICS. Along with our parents, we believe that it avoids distinction according to wealth and also fosters a community spirit and pride in our identity.

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  • Grey skirt (school cut)

  • Light blue blouse

  • School tie

  • Navy blue cardigan

  • Navy blue stockings

  • Dark town shoes

  • Navy blue blazer

  • School coat

  • School bag

  • Sport wear uniform

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