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2017. In front of the Flavian Amphitheat
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Mark Walley

Mr. Walley earned a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in Liberal Arts from Bishop’s University, and subsequently pursued two Master of Arts degrees in Classics from Memorial University of Newfoundland and the University of Western Ontario. He has been involved in archaeological projects in Greece since 2010, and has spent many field seasons at Ancient Dion (Dion) and at the Athenian Agora (Athens). He has taught the IGCSE and A-Level programmes at BICS since 2014, and continues to travel and research antiquity in Europe and excavate in Athens. As part of his teaching philosophy, Mr. Walley feels that History is best appreciated through a hands-on approach, and thus each year he organizes a study tour with students to either Greece or Italy in order to share his passion. Students have the opportunity to learn first hand the methodologies and tools for studying and interpreting the past, and the connection with modernity as we explore remains which are, literally and figuratively, the foundations for our own culture and society.


  • BICS - Interview with Director of the Athenian Agora Excavations, by Mr Lorenzo Di Toro


  • BICS - Interview with the President of the European Parliament by Mr Lorenzo Di Toro


  • BICS - Interview with European Commission's DG for Environment, by Lorenzo Di Toro


  • BICS - Interview with Edwin M. Epstein, University of California at Berkeley, by Lorenzo Di Toro



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